About Us

a few words about us

bigstock-Teacher-Showing-Good-Accountin-44657767 Experienced and qualified bookkeeping and accounting professionals ready to take you that next step.

Working@TheNumbers (WATN) is established as an independent  professional bookkeeping and accounting service, that provides value added services to their clients by helping them to overcome current financial and administrative time consuming burdens, and by establishing smarter solutions appropriate to their objectives, and to improve efficiencies.

If you need regular and reliable bookkeeping services that ensure that you are well informed of your business financial position and performance, then you’ve come to the right place.

At times, it may simply be a matter of further education for your own bookkeeper or office manager, in order to provide timely and accurate information to yourself or specialist advisers.

At WATN, we work ‘hands on’ with clients to develop strong relationships that create trust, and a good understanding toward identifying and enhancing and/or building upon your needs and objectives.  We understand the importance of effective communication, and are able to utilise the many tools available to ensure that you are abreast with all on offer.

bigstock-Your-Success-Is-Our-Goal-Chalk-47306026Whether it’s a good casual bookkeeping solution that will prepare you for accurate and timely tax compliance, or a much broader service that would streamline, manage and report on your finances, we have the cost effective solutions  you’ve been looking for.




what we offer

Professional advice and assistance to getting your book work and financial processes in ‘ship shape’ order.

Let us take care of what may be a cumbersome routine of preparing your customers invoices, paying the bills and/or organising your end of year accounts.  We’re sure to make this part of your operations one of the most efficient, with our updated insight to today’s software applications, that we’ll make sure of working for you instead of you working for it.

Personalised training and consulting.

We’ll train your bookkeeper how to best manage and process your business transactions, and consult with you on the updated results, providing that extra set of eyes that can give greater insight and assurances toward your success.

A fully flexible, on hand service with dedication and commitment

Today’s technologies provide little room for miscommunication and unavailability.  We’re able to communicate and work effectively whether from within your office or ours.  Support is always only a phone call away.