Training & Development

CDAA-Logo-Banners-2014-Wide-Professional-WEBWe are currently in the process of developing a number of class room based, and on-line training options for bookkeeping and accounting beginners, as well as self taught professionals and managers looking to consolidate on their knowledge and experience.

bigstock-Bicycle-vintage-poster-44847685Our training room is conveniently located within the metropolitan area for easy access and parking, and provides for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for small groups of trainees to interact professionally and effectively with our trainer.  All amenities and refreshments are made available.

One-on-one work place training is a great option which will help you gain all the relevant insight towards how to best utilise the features of your software, and in meeting the objectives of the business environment you are in.  You’ll be excited to learn some new and easier ways of doing things that you’ll actually enjoy, whilst keeping the boss (and yourself) impressed with the progress and rewards.  Online and telephone support can be arranged, using technology that enables us to view and operate your computer screen while you watch, learn and practice.

If you have limited time to schedule your training, online learning becomes more attractive in allowing you to focus and get things done where and when you bigstock-Online-Learning-Or-Education-C-33656999want to.  It has more advantages than that of course, like making it easier to ask all those questions you only thought were silly.

Please help us to determine some specific priorities in our training services, by completing our short survey on the right side of this page.  Your feedback is very much appreciated because YOU are the learner, and we aim to provide quality services.